Trumped up cards

Insane Republic

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Trumped Up Cards exist to document the insanity of the 2016 campaign season. It's a fast-paced, satirical game where reality collides with absurdity.

The goal of the game is to be the first person to be able to be able to spell V-O-T-E from the lettered quote cards they collected during the game.

Each player has a hand of ten phrase cards and will draw back up to ten after each round. A player is selected to be the CEO for the round and they draw a quote card and read it to the players. The quote is missing a phrase that will be filled in with a phrase card from each player. Players select the "best" phrase card from their hands for the current quote card and place the chosen phrase cards face down in a pile. The CEO shuffles the submitted phrase cards and then reads the quote filled in with each phrase. The CEO then decides which phrase "won" the round and the player that played the winning phrase collects the quote card. Rotate the CEO position after each round.

There are special phrase cards called Trump cards that give a player special powers and are usually played in combination with a phrase card.

A "lightweight" ending is optional and occurs when a majority of the players grow so depressed at the prospect of a real Trump presidency that they just start quietly sobbing. When this happens, the player with the most quote cards wins.

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