Space Station Pheonix

Rio Grande Games

Available for pre-order

Galactic Council is considering expansion into a recently discovered solar system, one with a yellow dwarf star and some interesting-looking planets, including one that holds a species that could soon develop the technology required to join them.

You have assembled a rag-tag fleet of ships. They don’t look like much, but they contain the one thing you need to build the station – Metal. You will need to dismantle this fleet, one ship at a time, to get it. Each time you turn a vessel into metal, your action options become more limited.

Do you dismantle your last fast Transport ship – your only lifeline back to the Council HQ? Or the Terran Expedition craft you use to travel down to that little blue planet to gather the food and water your workers need to survive? It is all up to you and your crew in SPACE STATION PHOENIX!

Ages 14+
2-4 Players
60-120 Min Play Time
Game Features:

Start with a rag-tag fleet of ships and compete with your opponents to build the best space station in the solar system
Decide when to scrap your valuable ships to provide rare materials to grow your station
Use of your own ships or bribe the oppenents’ crews to stay one step ahead
Work behind the scenes to become master of the guilds and take benefits from other players’ actions
Almost infinite replayability - millions of possible setup options for each game

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