The Genius Gems

The Happy Puzzle Company


The Genius Gems Game is a new twist on our most successful game ever! With this ingenious and challenging game, players must fill the grid with clusters of gems that show up in a certain pattern. 

This game is really a whole new way to experience puzzle solving. It's not just about matching shapes and colours anymore, it's about seeing how you can combine your clusters with the dice that are rolled in order to create these beautiful patterns on the grid. Each player has their own grid and they get to see what their opponent is doing as they work through it, so there's a real sense of competition throughout the game. 

All 10,794 puzzles have at least one possible solution. The race to find solutions is exciting as you try to beat your opponent to every space on the board!

There are tons of combinations available, which means that this will be fun for adults and kids alike!

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